Ecobaby and the Enviroment 

Earth's fragile environment is taking a beating.
If we are not careful, it will be broken. We don't have a spare.
The evidence so far tells us we are being careless. 

Your product choices are important. You could choose 'ordinary'
products that depend on the non-renewable resources like oil, gas
and water, but you prefer sustainable products that are made
from renewable materials.

At Ecobaby, we share that concern. We too must reduce our environmental impact

What Ecobaby does to protect the Environment:
We adhere as closely as possible to the basic principles of reduce, reuse, recycle.

Office paper, leaflets, envelopes etc. are from The Klee Paper Co. - made with
paper from post-consumer waste.

We use food-grade pre-used boxes for our deliveries. Cushioning inside the
boxes is made using material from shredding boxes with our PacMate Shredder.

We minimise all waste creation, and recycle any waste that we produce
with the help of The City Bin Co. (Remember: The City Bin Co. also do composting
of Moltex Eco and Wiona Bio Nappies in a number of areas.)

For almost a decade our energy needs have come through Airtricity, with wind
generated power.

We do not support the use of bottled water - instead staff drink tap water filtered through
a Simply Water filter system.

All office equipment, furniture, computers etc., is pre-owned, a policy that has been
implemented since Ecobaby was founded in 1995.

We still use our trusty 1994 Ford Transit (yes, 1994!). Although it has over 250,000 km
on the clock, it passes its test every year, and keeps our costs down too. When
it was younger, it used to display the full Ecobaby livery.

Of course, another first for Ecobaby has been its use of bicycle trailers to handle
deliveries to customers in Dublin city. That zero-emission delivery system
has been loved by customers in Dublin 4, 6, 8 and 12.