No More Nappy Rash                   

Nappy rash can be helped by airing baby's bottom

Parents who have used the Moltex Eco Nappy for their baby will tell you
how rarely they have seen nappy rash. The reasons are clear:

The Eco Nappy has some special features that
can help prevent and eliminate nappy rash:

Causes of Nappy Rash
Nappy rash is a very common complaint, affecting babies wearing
either washable or disposable nappies.

There are many possible causes.

For reasons that are unclear, nappy rash is far more common
when the baby is teething. It may be related to the stress
caused by the pain of teething.

Nappy rash is often worse during teething

Damp Skin
Of course, we humans have evolved over millions of years without
nappies. In developed countries, and where climatic and social conditions
require us to use nappies for our babies, the problem of nappy rash

If a baby is left with a soiled nappy against the skin, bacteria
and chemicals may cause skin irritation. Ammonia is generated
by bacterial activity in the soiled nappy, and on the damp skin, and of
course the skin should not be exposed to ammonia!

Where the problem is caused by the nappy keeping moisture
against the skin, you may notice that the redness is not so
severe in the skin folds, but confined to the skin exposed to
the damp nappy.

Ideally, your baby's bottom should be aired as often as possible.
You can leave off the nappy for some time every day, especially
if you can rest your baby on a reusable underpad. The underpad will
protect whatever your baby is lying on, and allow air to circulate.

Warm damp skin is easily infected. For example, fungal spores
like those that cause "Thrush" float around in the air. A damp
bottom is an ideal place for these spores to grow. This kind
of nappy rash may be a brighter redness than 'ordinary' nappy
rash. It may also be found IN the folds of the baby's bottom.

Bacterial infections can also cause nappy rash. Again, this
may well LOOK severe, with oozing, pus and other signs
of nastiness. The baby may have other signs of bacterial infection
including a fever and general malaise. This is a more serious
condition requiring the advice of a qualified healthcare

Eczema can also cause a rash on baby's bottom, as well as
other areas of skin. It may be helpful to eliminate
as many possible irritants at the same time, to bring rapid
relief. There are many useful resources on the internet
dealing with eczema.

It is generally suggested that it is best to reduce the
risk of chemical irritation by choosing only very gentle
laundry detergents on any clothes the baby may
come into contact with. Also, check that there are no
residues in the washing machine drawers, especially
powder getting into the compartment for the rinse cycle.

The Eco Nappy
The Eco Nappy can also be used as a means of reducing
skin irritation, since it is made without unnecessary
It is a breathable, clinically tested,
hypoallergenic baby nappy that may help you prevent
and treat nappy rash.

We also stock a range of organic and natural skin care
items that you may find useful if you or your baby have
eczema. Our award-winning range of hypoallergenic
and biodegradable detergents and cleaners may also help.

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So, don't lose any more sleep over your baby's sore bottom.

Call now and say "No more!" to nappy rash.

Of course, if you are worried about your baby's rash,
if it doesn't appear to be getting better with the
usual solutions, or if it looks like bacterial or serious
fungal irritation, then you MUST seek the advice
of a qualified healthcare professional.