Why Ecobaby?  (return to contact information)

Parents of young babies are the most eco friendly consumers. They want to protect their babies, and the environment too. With a new baby, parents need a helping hand to do the eco friendly thing. 

For eco friendly products to succeed in the market,

  • they must work well

  • they must be economical in use

  • they must be readily available

That's where Ecobaby comes in. The history of Ecobaby starts as long ago as 1995. 
Since then, we've been delivering eco friendly baby products right to the door, anywhere in Ireland.
We save our customers time, effort and money, and help them to protect the enviroment, and their baby's bottom! 

Renate von Dreusche started Ecobaby in 1995. With twins of her own, Renate
knew how to make life easier for busy mums and dads. She knew also how we
must protect the environment for our kids and for their future.

The products Renate chose, and everything else about Ecobaby, had to reflect
her concern for parents, babies, and the environment.

Right from the beginning, Renate found that even the 'greenest'
consumers are likely to choose disposable nappies over terry nappies.

The Moltex Eco Nappy has proved just right for Renate and her customers. 

It's the logical choice for parents who want a healthier, eco-friendlier option. 
Happy customers are your best sales people. Over 80% of Ecobaby's new customers 
are referred by other users.

In many ways we owe our success as much to our customers, as to the quality and value of the Eco Nappy.

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