2006 Parents' Choice Awards
Thanks to the many votes placed by happy customers, Ecobaby Limited won the 2006 Parents' Choice Award for "Parents' Choice of Environmentally Friendly Product Range". The Moltex Eco Nappy received the Silver Award in the category "Parents' Choice of Disposable Nappy". 

Ireland's first Parents' Choice Awards Ceremony was held at Jury's Hotel in Dublin on 21st September 2006.  A Gala Event supporting a number of children's charities, it was attended by hundreds of industry leaders in retailing, the media, babycare and the health sector. The awards were made to the businesses or products that had received the highest number of votes from users of those products.

All of Ecobaby's team were present, as Managing Director Renate von Dreusche collected the award:

After only ten years competing directly with some of the largest players in the market, it is a tremendous accolade for Ecobaby to have received so many votes from happy customers throughout Ireland.

This is a true measure of the loyalty shown by our customers over the years, and the degree to which our customers have in essence become our sales force. It is a fitting tribute to the hard work and dedication of all the Team at Ecobaby, over the years.

Ecobaby is a small company, with a big heart. We saw what that can do, and look forward to adding to our list of achievements over the coming year.

Our thanks go to the Team, our suppliers, and especially customers, for making Ecobaby what it is today.

Nicola (L) and Team Leader Meera (R) celebrate in style!                     Mike, Meera, Pearse and Nicola
Sales Exec. Nicola, and Team Leader Meera    Mike (Stores), Meera, Pearse and Nicola

Nicola, Keith, and Mike Renate with her award, and Pearse
Nicola, Keith (Stores) and Mike                                Renate, and Pearse

Jane Hogan, from Action International, with Nicola            Niamh, with Meera

As you can see, a great time was had by all!