Why Chlorine Free Oxygen-Bleached Wood Pulp?    (nappies top)

Before disposables, mothers worked long and hard to keep their cloth nappies nice and white. 
Chlorine bleach was extensively used in washing baby nappies.

When disposables were invented, chlorine was again used, this time to bleach the woodpulp
in the nappy.

Chlorine is a cause of significant environmental damage, and has always attracted a lot of
negative attention from Greenpeace and other environmental and health organisations.

Moltex Eco Nappies are made with respect for the environment and your health.
Chlorine is not used at all in the manufacture of Moltex Eco Nappies.
Oxygen is used instead of chlorine, avoiding the negative effects of chlorine.

The Moltex Eco Nappy smells fresher for longer on the baby. Unlike some
ordinary nappies, a small amount of wetting does not make the Moltex Eco Nappy
smell horrible, so you don't change nappies as often, saving money and the environment.

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