Thinner Plastic in the Nappy   (nappies top)

Disposable nappies are made with Polyethylene for the outer waterproof layer and
Polypropylene, for the inner liner that keeps the baby's skin dry.

Since the disposable nappy is a single-use product, every effort must be made to reduce the environmental cost. 

The Moltex Eco Nappy has a really thin plastic layer, with tiny pores that allow the nappy to 'breathe'.

This breathability helps reduce humidity near the skin, so the Eco Nappy retains all the dryness and absorbency for which
it has become famous.

Thinner plastics mean less use of raw materials. Following a detailed ethical study, Moltex decided to stop
using plastics made from food grade corn starch. It was considered unethical to divert food grade materials
to plastic manufacture at a time of growing food shortages worldwide.

Moltex will always keep environmental, health and ethical considerations at the top of their agenda.

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