Why No Perfumes?    (nappies top)

Over the years, many of our customers have remarked that babies smell fresher 
in an Eco Nappy than in the ordinary nappies they have tried.

Ordinary nappies may contain bleach residues or other chemicals not found in the Eco Nappy. 

With ordinary nappies, these chemicals may react with the baby's urine, causing a smell that
forces a nappy change even when it is only a little bit wet. With the Eco Nappy, this does
not seem to happen.

Synthetic perfumes are active chemicals which should not be used against a baby's sensitive skin.

By far the most dramatic effect is in the case of many babies with nappy rash. Even, or perhaps
especially, in the case of babies with long-standing nappy rash, the improvement may be
dramatic, sometimes an overnight return to normal skin condition.

Conversely, the same babies may experience a return of the nappy rash if 'ordinary'
disposables are used again.

We do not at this point have any explanation for this effect, but can only assume that
something is not in the Eco Nappy that may be present in the 'ordinary' product

The Eco Nappy: helps keep chemicals off your baby's skin.    (next)