Why No Lotions?    (nappies top)

Babies are born with a natural protective layer on the outside: the skin. 

The skin is absorbent especially if exposed to a chemical for a long time.
Babies need nappies for about three years. If a cream or lotion gets on a baby's bottom,
every time the nappy is changed, what effect will it have over such a long period?

The same applies to active 'Essential Oils'. Why would a baby need Essential Oils
on its skin every time you change the nappy? Can you be sure that these won't cause

Moltex Eco Nappies are made with one extra ingredient that is good enough to drink: 
Tea-leaf extract. Obviously this is not a risk to the baby, yet it has an antioxidant effect.

If possible, babies' bottoms should be left exposed to fresh air for some time every day. 

Remember that the baby must be kept warm. For additional protection
for the cot or mat, our washable underpad is the perfect solution when you want to
air you baby's bottom. 

The Eco Nappy and fresh air are great protection against nappy rash.    (next)