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The Moltex Eco Nappy is the original Eco Nappy, made in Germany
to the highest standards.

The first Eco Nappy (1995) was actually green on the outside and brown on the inside.
Later models were a buff colour on the outside, with unbleached off-white pulp
on the inside.

In recent years the nappy went white. A shortage of unbleached
material had pushed the cost up, and oxygen bleached pulp has better
absorbency, giving the same capacity with less material used.

Otherwise it has all the features and appearance of a modern disposable 
baby nappy, including re-closeable 'hook and loop' tabs, and a very
flexible fit.

In use, it doesn't have that 'chemical' smell when wet just a little. You probably
know that even a little pee in an ordinary nappy can make it smell so bad
that you need to change it right away.

With the Moltex Eco, you should use fewer nappies, saving money and
the environment. Your baby will probably be left undisturbed for longer too!

Its excellent performance has led to rave reviews. In fact, the Eco Nappy 
won a Silver Medal in the Parents' Choice Awards 2006, 
for "Parents' Choice of Disposable Baby Nappy", and has been
shortlisted in the 2007 to 2010 Parents' Choice Awards.

The Moltex Eco Nappy has also been awarded the prestigious
Australian "Good Environmental Choice Award" as long ago as 2007.

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