How Many Eco Nappies do I Need to buy?    (nappy top) 

How many Eco Nappies should I order?

Babies use more nappies per day when very young than later on.
For the first few weeks you would expect to need around 7 or 8 nappies per day,
but this will reduce quickly over time. This is partly because you will learn
when to time feeds and nappy changes. You will soon learn your baby's rhythm
and this will help avoid changing the nappy just before your baby 'does a poo'.

Within a few months you should expect to use an average of 4 to 5 nappies per day.
There is no reason to change the nappy immediately after the baby has wet it a little.

Moltex Eco Nappies are VERY absorbent, so a little pee won't go back
onto the baby's skin. The  nappy's top layer (against the skin) does not attract water.
Pee passes through it into the absorbent material behind.

So don't panic if your baby pees into a nappy just as you are putting it on. Change
the nappy when it is full. We have had many parents leave their babies undisturbed
overnight, with twelve or thirteen hours of sleep not unheard of.

Not only is it great to get more sleep, but the same high absorbency helps
prevent nappy rash without the need for creams or lotions.

Don't forget that changing the nappy AFTER a feed is usually more economical,
as babies have a 'GastroColic' reflex that may increase their 'output' during or
immediately after a feed. No point in changing the nappy just BEFORE a feed!

How much should I order for a newborn?

Before the baby is born order six packs of newborn. That should do about three weeks or so.
By that time you will know if your baby is ready for size 2. You will have received samples
of size 2 in the box, free of charge.

If your baby is just a couple of weeks old, we can send you a mixture of sizes. This is
an ideal time to telephone us. We have been delivering nappies since 1995 and will
be best able to advise over the telephone. It can not be simpler than that!
Just call us on 1850 52-52-53, or by telephone on 01-6205050.

By the time your baby is in size 3, at around two or three months,
a typical order would be for 2 Jumbo sized packs of size three. Two jumbo packs of any mix of sizes,
are about enough to keep a baby in nappies for a month.
How much does delivery cost?
Next Day Delivery costs €5.99 or less, anywhere in the Island of Ireland. 
Get free delivery on any order over €60 in value!
Just call us on 1850 52-52-53, or by telephone on 01-6205050.
And are there quantity discounts?
Yes of course! Just call us on 1850 52-52-53, or by telephone on 01-6205050.
When do you deliver?
All products are normally available ex-stock, so we deliver next working day anywhere in Ireland.
Over 95% of our deliveries arrive next day if ordered before 3:00 pm. Delivery is usually by Fastway
Couriers. We can use An Post if you prefer, but not for boxes containing liquids like detergents etc.
Just call us on 1850 52-52-53, or by telephone on 01-6205050.

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