What do Eco Nappies Cost?    (nappy top)    July 2014

Our prices same as in 2006!

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Eco Nappies are incredibly good value. Ecobaby has proved that eco friendly products
don't cost the earth. In fact, they can cost less than ordinary products you may already
be using.

Most parents say that because the Eco Nappy smells fresher, especially when only a little
wet, they don't feel compelled to change it as often as they do with an ordinary disposable

That means fewer nappy changes, less disturbance of the baby, fewer nappies used,
lower cost overall, and less environmental damage.

Ask any of our customers and they will tell you that nappy rash is almost unheard of
with babies wearing the Moltex Eco. So you can save on
nappy-rash treatments, visits to the GP or Pharmacy, and your baby can be safer
and more comfortable too!

The Eco Nappy provides optimum protection for your baby
and the environment and gives you peace of mind at no extra cost.

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