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In the late 1900s, Ecobaby's customers were already leading the way
by composting Moltex Eco Nappies at home.

Using their own worm composters, they were able to safely and quickly turn their
used Eco Nappies into usable compost. The process could work in as little as a few
months, depending on conditions, and the amount of effort being put into the
supervision of the compost.

Then it was shown that Moltex Eco Nappies were easily dealt with when collected
in a municipal brown bin collection scheme. They were composted in a large capacity
system and the compost put to good use in land remediation.

In 2003, students received an award for their study of the worm composting
of used Moltex Eco Nappies
This can be viewed here:

August 2007
Ecobaby has always supported innovation. In 2007, we recruited a qualified waste advisor
to undertake research into the composting of used Eco Nappies on a commercial

Composting of the used Eco Nappies was done at a licensed facility in the Irish Midlands.

Independent laboratory analysis of the compost produced by this in-vessel system show
conclusively that it is good compost that is safe to use.

Some examples of composting methods used in dealing with Eco Nappies:

1. Home-scale Earthworm Composting of Eco Nappies

2. Commercial-Scale In-Vessel Composting of Eco Nappies (View photos on Ecobaby's Facebook page)

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