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Seeing is Believing: Composting of Eco Nappies is a reality.    

Eco Nappies can be composted on a municipal scale, as has been done in the West of Ireland. They can also be composted 'on site', with the advantage that the cost and environmental damage associated with transport are eliminated. Of course that is impossible for those living in apartments, but for many who live in rural areas it is a real boon. Rural areas are poorly served by garbage collections, and having to bring a load of nappies to a landfill site is a real pain. Below you can see a typical compost pile with Eco Nappies buried inside. This particular one is in North County Dublin, in the yard of an organic farm.

This compost heap has been built on a concrete base and is very healthy. It runs up to a raised ditch, and you can see all sorts of plants growing very happily alongside. It is uncovered, and is regularly turned with a shovel or spade. This dramatically speeds up the breakdown process by bursting the plastic and easing the penetration of the nappy by worms and other organisms.

The worms appear very healthy. Close inspection of a nappy will reveal that they are far greater in number inside the burst nappy than anywhere else in the compost heap.

Interestingly, the compost heap smells just like a compost heap should: sweet and free of unpleasantness. Hard to believe since piles of smelly nappies are simply dug into it every week!

A sweet smelling compost heap, full of Eco Nappies!

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